Annual Technology Needs Assessment

Metropolitan Water District

Water Resources/Source of Supply

  • Real-time / near-real-time GIS water level/supply monitoring (satellite imagery analytics) Same for contamination monitoring
  • Detection and mitigation of algal blooms
  • Maintaining water quality with changing climate


Water Treatment

  • Technology or process that addresses amoeba/legionnaire’s disease. Issue of growing concern across water agencies
  • Water reclamation/recycling
  • Energy Efficiently
  • Remediation methods for PCB detection and removal
  • R&R mechanical values
  • Qualifying technologies for water recycling proposed program (demonstration plant).



  • Acoustical monitoring of leaks and pipe condition assessment of buried water distribution pipes
  • (10ft below and 40 “ <)
  • Asset management frameworks
  • Infrastructure assessment technologies
  • Pipeline detection – PCCP
  • Alternative leak detection methods
  • Acoustical monitoring for leaks as a water conservation measure available for member and retail agencies
  • Satellite imagery to determine plant water needs (agricultural and turf) down to a lot level
  • Accurate flow meters for low flows in large pipes



  • Rainwater harvesting


Wastewater Treatment and Disposal

  • Recycled water proposed program (demonstration plant)
  • Liquid chlorine gas handling
  • Groundwater replenishment


Energy and the Environment

  • Nexus with water and energy
  • Simple, cheap method to measure electrical attributes on the CRA transmission and at the pumping plants into SCADA
  • Micro energy monitoring/modeling/optimization
  • Optimizing cooling water use
  • Fish Counting
  • Invasive Species, Quagga Mussels


Information Management and other Business Practices

  • Simple recording and record keeping software or program for energy transactions on the CRA
  • Asset management data frameworks
  • Asset lifecycle management frameworks BIM coordination/integration, including integration of maintenance management/bldgs. into asset management


MWDs Top Three

  • Leak detection
  • Infrastructure assessment for larger pipes
  • Asset management
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